5 Ways to Get a Girl to Like You (Try THIS!)

If you have been trying all you can to get a beautiful but each time you try, you get rejected. It is because you haven’t learnt this five powerful methods that will make you create an attraction in any girl and answer your question how to get a girl.

1. Your Look Counts. Of course you can look like the president and yet a girl will still not like you, but that doesn’t mean when she likes you, she wont want you to look like the president!. First impression they say counts. You don’t have to dress expensive but dress cool

2. Portray Power. Every sane girl will like to date guy she feel secured anytime she is around him. That is what every girl want and that is what you must exhibit. Exhibit power and self-confidence, know yourself. That is why it is wrong to beg a girl, because you feel weak each time you do that.

What Can Help Me Get A Girl?

get a girl to like you

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3. Go to the where the fishes are. This is very important for you as a guy. You have to go to where you can find lots of girls, when you have them in high number, your chances of getting some to date you is higher than otherwise.

4. Be Direct. This also has to do with self-confidence, I see guys make a lot of mistake when it comes to asking a girl for a date, the first beat around the bush before they finally go straight to the point. You don’t need to do that. Remember the girl you are asking out probably gets 3-5 requests daily so you have to do something to stand out

5. Improve your status. No girl wants to date a failure and this is very important. If you build yourself, in your field you will attract them much more and sometimes they will be the one begging for you, but if you don’t you will follow the normal routine of chasing them, which is what gets you rejected like before.

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