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One of the most important acting tips is to be a professional. Arrive early at auditions and be prepared. If you have been lucky enough to get a script before the audition, memorize your lines and make your character choices ahead of time. Dress appropriately for the character. Do the required work for acting classes.

Practice your concentration. When you can focus on the scene and mentally construct the 4th wall you will conquer stage fright and create intimate moments. Work on your concentration skills to improve your focus. The breakfast drink is an excellent example of an acting concentration exercise.

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Actor Factor by Theatre Digital ― 12 Module Online Acting Course

Actor Factor

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About the Actor Factor Course ▶ Straight to the Point

The Actor Factor is an online training program for people just like you. It provides a structured teaching regime that is accessed at home and can be studied at any time you like. In your own time, at your own pace, in your own place without the added restrictions imposed by available time, traveling, family and work commitments and all the other “every day” activities we all endure.

The twelve modules are rolled out every 7-10 days allowing you to absorb the module’s content at a pace which suits you. All modules provide you with drop off points, which means you can put it down and pick it up whenever you are able. Every 7-10 days you will receive an email with links that will take you to an online product folder. In the folder you will find your module, the support summary video and MP3 files which provide additional resources that are appropriate to your current module.

The modules are written to accommodate a completely newcomer to acting as well as those who have performed previously. Some of the World’s best Actors, Dancers and Singers, despite performing professionally, still study and improve their skills by attending additional classes. Actor Factor, being based on a mixture of traditional methodology is greatly enhanced by it’s unique approach to teaching. Simple concepts have grown into fundamental elements of the program which makes the modules stand out in the crowd.

Acting Lessons: Solo Exercises

Acting is more than just pretending. It requires observation, concentration, and an in-depth knowledge of character. If you’ve just signed up in our acting lessons program, you might find that the art of acting is a lot more complex than you previously thought. This said, here are a couple of solo exercises that’ll help you learn how to participate in your acting lessons better.

Observe and Describe

Go to the park, the mall, or any public area. There, pick a complete stranger and observe that person for a couple of minutes. Upon observation, try to describe that person’s behavior. Are they standing, walking, or sitting? What do you think he or she feels? Try describing that person in simple terms for now; you can observe his or her appearance, the way they dress, etc.

Once you have that, you then go a bit deeper. Why does that person dress that way? What do you think that person is like? Who are they? Try to find out visual cues and nuances that support your observations.

This exercise is all about behavior. This is because acting is behavior. If you are good at reading someone else’s way of thinking, speaking, as well as their actions, the likelier for you to become better at reacting to it.

Concentration Circle

In this exercise, you’ll need to choose a location-anywhere will do. Sit down and get comfortable. Then, imagine there’s a sphere, about ten feet in diameter, around you. Now, for the next few minutes, your task is to concentrate on objects placed only within that sphere. What are these objects? What do they look, feel, or smell like? Are they heavy or light, soft or rough and so on. As you do this exercise more, try to enlarge the sphere even further.

Focus on these objects alone; your thoughts and ideas should also be concerned with those in the sphere as well. Don’t worry if your attention moves out of the circle. Just gently move your focus back. What matters here is your concentration. See, as an actor you have to be able to accept stimuli as your character-not as you. Simply put, you must see what your character sees, feels, hears and etc.

Character Research

Once your acting lessons teacher has given you a character, try to find out your character’s life-all down to the last detail. Try to learn how old your character’s are, what their job is (as well as how they find their job), etc. In fact, you might even want to go as deep as figuring out what type of candy or beverage your character likes best. Once you have all of that, write it down. Try to be as specific as you can.

Though this might not look like an acting exercise, this activity lets you discover more about your character. As said earlier, acting is about behavior and this exercise gives you tools on how your character would behave in certain situations. So research and find out more about who you’re playing.

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