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Many people think that to become a life coach, you simply need to be a good listener. Learning to be a great coach is much more than being an agony aunt or listening to people vent. Listening is obviously a very important of coaching and the coach should be listening much more than speaking. The 80/20 rule applies. Listen 80% of the time and speak 20% of the time. The coach must be able to listen to what the client is saying and not saying. They should notice what the client is saying verbally and non-verbally. The coach must be able to notice if the client is in-congruent. Meaning, saying one thing verbally and another non-verbally, or saying one thing and doing something else.

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The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program ― Includes: 30 videos totaling 10 hours of instruction, and training manuals

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The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program: Why Become a Life Coach?

Life Coaching Certification

A life coach essentially helps people reach their goals through self-empowerment, inspiration, and reflection. Each technique allows a person to institute changes that will result in resolving difficulties or accomplishing success. Whether that means shifting careers or finding another way to manage stress, the whole idea is to point the people to an ideal path that will allow them to overcome the hurdles of life. If you believe that it is your destiny to achieve this for other people, you’ll need to get a life coach certification.

Over the years, coaching has exploded into a lucrative industry creating an exciting new career choice for a lot of people. It is not just the down and out that are in need of coaching. Even successful people, particularly those in the entertainment industry, need a little bit of inspiration and self-empowerment. This has led to the popularity of the profession and the introduction of people like Deepak Chopra, a spiritual coach, and Tony Robbins, a peak performance coach, to the mainstream media. A certification is the industry’s way of regulating the profession to ensure excellence and promote further advancement of skills.

Getting certification provides you with the ideal credentials. Provided, of course, that you acquire the right credentials from the proper coaching institute. Ideally, you’ll want to get life coach training and certification from an accredited institution that implements the ICF curriculum, as you’re sure to get the highest level of training. This could also mean the probability of getting clients from all over the world.

Aside from acquiring the necessary credentials, getting certified as a highly trained coach enables you to practice in different areas like business coaching, career coaching, health and wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, or transformational leadership coaching. Each specialization helps you broaden your skills and expand your client list.

Certification also has the potential to increase your professional rate. A New York Times report once ran an article on life coaches, which estimated session rates at $100 an hour. In the entertainment industry, a life coach could command $40,000 a month, which is what psychotherapist and life coach Phil Towl charged the band Metallica for resolving conflicts.

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