How to Get Any Girl to Give You Her Number (Try THIS!)

You see a beautiful girl on the road or in the mall but you are so much in a hurry to start a conversation with her at the moment, so you asked for her number, only for her to tell you a big resounding NO, and you feel rejected and just walked away. Well that is unlikely to happen again, if you put what am about o share with you. You will be able to get any girl’s number.

The approach to getting a girl’s number might look simple on the surface to you, but to her it is not. Remember you are not the first person to ask for her number and the last thing she wants is for someone to start disturbing her. So the possibility of a girl giving you her number the first instant you ask her is slim, except if you want her to give you a wrong number.

What Can Help Me Get A Girl?

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This is what you can do that works very effective for most guys. What I do is this, I will walk up to her and introduce myself briefly and say something like this “Hi my name is _____ and hmmm, before I say the next thing you look beautiful” You see have gotten her attention already. Then instead of asking for her number, you can ask for her email address. You see girls will love to give you their email address than phone number, because they know before you will send mail, you will be more relaxed and they don’t have to check their mail all the time, but that’s not all.

So you will pull out a sheet of paper and said, give me your email address? I am not asking her, I am telling her. So while she bends to write it, I will quickly add, “also include your phone number too”. You see by doing that, in almost every case she will have no option than to include her phone number and email address.

So if you have been asking, how to get a girl’s number, I just gave you a powerful secret and hope you put it to use.

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