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Reversing diabetes means making some very hard choices in your life. First of all it means getting out of your chair, away from the television, and participating in some form of physical exercise on a regular basis. When I mean physical exercise I am talking about 45 minutes a day of walking, or something more strenuous if you can handle it. If you can’t walk 45 minutes a day you may want to try and start out with 30 minutes a day. If you can’t walk 30 minutes a day, then I know you can walk for at least 5 minutes a day.

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Halki Diabetes Remedy eBook Guide ― Bonuses Include: Relaxed Mind Healthy Body, Energy Multiplier, and Achieve Your Goals Video Series

halki diabetes remedy

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Halki Diabetes Remedy: Can You Reverse Diabetes Without Drugs?

Whitfield’s Halki Diabetes Remedy Guide was developed from one simple notion – One is what one eats. The eBook guide emphasizes this by stating and restating what is put into the body will affect one’s energy levels. This has been done with a direct focus on foods that are detrimental to one’s well-being and which of those can help control insulin levels naturally.

The guide will provide those with Diabetes the information about exactly what the disease is and what causes it as well as all the risk factors. Whitfield believes that with the information in his guide, Type-2 Diabetes sufferers can learn just how to detoxify their body naturally and escape the vicious cycle of relying on drug manufacturers and suppliers to control their insulin and blood sugar.

Diabetes is a disease that can affect just about anyone and is in fact affecting millions, today. It is particularly nasty because if not well controlled it can affect just about every organ in your body. It also can lead to amputation or even death. A simple blood test by your doctor will tell you if you have it. He or she can then tell you which kind you have and what your treatments should be.

I am not a doctor. I have no medical degree. But I am a person who has been healthy all of my life until the last four or five years when I was first diagnosed with Diabetes-Type 2 (adult onset). I am expressing my own opinions and experiences from this time period. I have spent more time in hospitals and doctors’ offices since I was diagnosed with Diabetes then all the rest of my life combined.

Basically, when we eat, the blood sugar in our bodies goes up and we naturally control it by releasing insulin to bring our blood sugar back down to normal. The insulin is made and released into our body by our pancreas. When we are Diabetic either our pancreas is making no insulin, not enough insulin, or the insulin that we are making is not being absorbed by our cells as it should be. High blood sugar can then cause a myriad of diseases that we Diabetics can fall prey to.

The typical treatment for Diabetes by our medical profession is oral medications or insulin along with proper diet and exercise. Once you begin taking any of these medications you are basically on them for life. As with most prescription drugs, they deliver many benefits but also come with a list of side effects that are not so desirable. Most doctors feel the benefits outweigh the side effects. That is how they are trained. Also, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these drugs are behind their use because once someone starts to use them they have a customer for life. None of these drugs are very cheap and the pharmaceutical companies make millions of dollars in profit every year.

I believe that there are more natural methods of controlling this deadly disease. There also is evidence of this throughout the Scientific Community. The drug companies are not too keen on the public learning of these facts because they would lose profits if people could control Diabetes naturally. Prescription drugs simply mask symptoms. They don’t really get at the source of the problems.

Since our modern diets are high in processed foods, junk foods, sugars, fats and high acid forming foods our pancreas is being forced to absorb and neutralize all the excess acids, wastes and toxins we eat. So, instead of doing only the jobs that it was designed for, now our pancreas has to do double duty and scrub the high acids from our system first. Then it can digest our food and produce insulin as it was meant to do. There is little wonder that so many people are developing Diabetes today.

However, as soon as you cleanse your pancreas from this excess of acids it can recover and begin rebuilding itself. The acids stop overwhelming this frail organ and it will get a rest. It will repair itself and perform its only real function: producing insulin. The solution to all of this is to get your body back into its natural state of vibrant health. The healthier that your pancreas gets, the better your blood sugar levels will be. Then you will be able to decrease how much insulin you take each day. Ultimately, your body will completely recover and you can get back your health and quality of life.

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