How to Get a Girl at the Gym (Guaranteed To WORK!)

Today the gym is not just a place to exercise your muscles but also your social skills with the ladies. So what are the rules on how to pick up women at the gym? Actually, basic rules are the same whether you’re at the gym, pub, supermarket or a friend’s house. There are certain qualities women tend to appreciate in men they’ve just met such as good manners, non-aggression, confidence but not boastfulness and respect of personal space.

In the gym, there are certain behaviors and etiquette to follow so as to impress a lady.

Do your homework before you approach her.

  • Does she have a ring on her finger, or a ring mark that shows she’s married?
  • Is there another guy that she talks to frequently – possibly a boyfriend, husband?
  • Has she ever caught your eye, said ‘hello’ or does look through you and pass you like the towel rack? An indicator of possible interest in you.
  • What’s her preferred workout and what’s her level of training – beginner, advanced, etc. This could be a talking point in the future.
  • Is she a regular gym person or does she disappear for weeks on end – might be an out-of-town girl in which case you may be wasting your time.
  • What’s her personality like? Does she chat with different people, both on and off the machines, or does she workout with quiet, intense focus? The latter is probably more difficult to approach.

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What to do to give a good impression of you:

  • Be a gentleman: let her pass the doorway before you or pick up her towel if it falls.
  • Wipe off your brow and the machines after use. Your body fluids aren’t attractive to others.
  • Do use a good deodorant and toothpaste.
  • Put away weights, used towels etc. Women are very observant about such things.
  • Get on to the cardio-machine next to hers – but not by knocking off another guy.
  • Keep initial conversations as short and general as possible – it’s your time to gauge her interest in you.
  • Chat in between her workout sessions when she can pay more attention to you.
  • Make a brief comment to her after she’s been missing for a while. It shows you noticed her absence and it’s another chance for conversation and to gauge interest.
  • Offer to assist if she’s having difficulty operating a machine – of course, make sure you know how.
  • Be polite and friendly with the gym staff.

What not to do – things women generally find unappealing:

  • Talking loudly and boastfully about your workout accomplishments
  • Taking too long the exercise machines
  • Starring blatantly! Learn to glance at her discreetly.
  • Walking around naked except for a towel around your waste.
  • Panting and grunting. Leave that for when you’re hand-wrestling with your boys.
  • Carrying the weights over to where she’s working out so that you can show off.
  • Constantly observing yourself in the mirror from different angles.
  • Strolling around pointlessly especially near her.
  • Speaking on your cell phone in the gym area.
  • Offering workout advice when she didn’t ask for it; that’s what the trainers are there for. This is quite different from assisting her with a difficult machine.

If you can do your homework, focus on the dos and minimize the don’ts there’s a strong chance you’ll get lucky with how to pick up women at the gym.

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