How to Get a Girl Attracted to You Over Text (Try THIS!)

There are 5 golden rules when it comes to learning how to text a girl. I guarantee that if you master these simple, easy-to-follow rules for texting girls, your dating success will skyrocket.

1. Don’t Text Too Much

A huge mistake guys make when texting a new woman they are interested in is texting or calling way too much. Just because she doesn’t respond immediately to your text messages or answer every call doesn’t mean you should just text or call her again. Doing this communicates neediness and a scarcity mentality. This is a guaranteed way to kill attraction.

2. Lighten Up

Text messaging should consist of light banter. Unless you are in the middle of emotionally connecting with a girl, you should be CONSTANTLY giving off a lighthearted persona about your self. Keep your text message conversations easy going and fun. Hold off on trying to build an emotional connection over text.

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3. Lead the interaction

As a man, you are expected to be the leader. Lead the text conversations in the direction you’d like to go. Don’t let her dictate what the conversation is about. That’s not what she wants.

4. Don’t always be available

Don’t always reply immediately to texts. Take some time to respond. This signals to her that you have a lot going on in your life and that she is not center stage – she needs to earn that title. If you are constantly available to respond immediately or are non stop continually texting her she will wonder why you don’t have anything else in your life keeping you busy.

5. Be Different

Over time a woman becomes conditioned to all the texts she receives from various men trying to pick her up. They no longer have much of an effect on her. But what if she were to receive a text from you that was unique and fun? Now you have her curious and attraction starts with curiosity.

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