How to Get a Girl to Kiss You (Guaranteed To WORK!)

If you think that men are the only ones lusting after women you are wrong. Women too lust after men, but the man has to be “lustable”. You will find some men who are worshiped by their women and some whose girlfriend makes him hump through hoops!

If you are the first kind, you don’t need to read this article, but if you fall in the second category then read on as you will find out how you can get a girl to kiss you:

Get those kissable lips

Step one to getting a girl to kiss you is to have imminently kissable lips. No matter how much girls dig cowboys, when it comes to kissing, they will choose the metrosexual man any day! Take care of your lips! So to take care of your lips use a chapstick.

If your lips are really chapped and hard cut, use a good dollop of Vaseline before the date night and brush gently with a baby toothbrush. You will have baby soft lips. But do take care that you don’t give her competition in the beauty department. At the end your lips should look soft and moisturized.

Build her interest

When you meet her keep her interest alive. Women get stimulated by cerebral conversation. Try to find out about her interests and build your conversations around it. Try to keep conversations light and witty and do try to sound like an intelligent yet sensitive person.

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Be flirty

While all the intellectual conversation is going on try to flirt a little. With flirting you are establishing a premise of something physical in your expectation. Be an ingenious, witty and charming flirt. Women find such men irresistible.

Have good dental hygiene

Bad breath can kill the most stimulating of all conversations. You can NEVER get a girl to kiss you no matter how good looking you are or how rich you are if you have bad breath. So take care of your dental hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth and floss before you head out for that date. Also remember that mouthwash is one of the most important inventions when it comes to keeping bad breath at bay!

If you still don’t feel confident enough about your breath, have some breath mints. Avoid the gum as they are not as effective as mints and a man chewing gum does not look like he is interested in getting kissed.

Look at her lips

Don’t forget to gaze into her eyes while talking as this makes you look interested in her. But more importantly, keep glancing at her lips. This will send signals to her brain triggering the need to kiss you.

Keep the touching light

Keeping the touching light and easy makes sure that physical comfort that has been established. Lean into her slowly as if you mean to kiss her but move away slowly. As you build her anticipation her need to kiss you will become greater!

Don’t be nervous

It’s but natural to feel a little or a lot nervous when you are out on this mission. But make sure that you don’t show your nervousness; instead project an image of the confident, interesting and sensitive man with élan and ease. You can be assured that by the time the evening is over your girl will have made the first move and will have kissed you!

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