How to Get a Girls Attention (Guaranteed To WORK)

How to get a girls attention is as simple as knowing what girls want. Unfortunately, no one has been able to discover what girls want, so getting a girl to like you may not be so simple. How ever, here are several tips that will help you to get a girl to notice you..

A girl will like you if you like her, or least the things that she likes. One of the primary things that a girl likes is herself. Most girls like to talk about themselves, their interests, their friends, and their hobbies. If you are interested in the same things, you will have plenty of things to talk about, and we all know that girls like to talk. Ask a girl questions about herself, her interests, and her friends and she will immediately find you likable.

Girls tend to like guys who are somewhat mysterious to them. Engage girls in conversation, but don’t let them know everything about you, especially if you have a prison record or warrant out for your arrest. There is some truth to the old cliche of girls being attracted to the ‘strong, silent type’. This should be easy to pull off if you follow tip number one above.

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The experts say that girls like to hang out with guys who are funny. Most guys interpret this to mean telling jokes and being the life of the party is how to get a girl to like you, but this is not necessarily the case. Seeing the humor in everyday situations, always having a positive attitude and a smile on your face will attract more girls than a guy trying to attract attention to themselves. (See tip one above)

Girls like guys who are sensitive, but that does not mean guys who have a low pain threshold or can detect the faintest odor. Girls like guys who are kind to animals, like little children, and aren’t afraid to show their emotions. This is specially true if they show their emotions concerning the girl in question. (Again, see tip one)

A girl likes a guy who is attentive. If you are able to notice a special feature about her that others may not notice such as a different hair style, a new outfit, or a distinctive facial feature, a girl will feel that you are interested in her. You can get clues to what is going on in a girls life by following tip number one.

Be a good listener. Often a girl likes to sit and talk, not necessarily communicate, just talk. A girl likes a guy who will sometimes just listen to her thoughts, her day, and her dreams. Caution: when a girl talks about her problems, it does NOT mean she wants you to solve them, she just wants you listen and empathize with her. She is not looking for advice or solutions; she just wants to share with you what is going on in her life. (Refer to tip number one)

In summary: a girl likes someone who will listen, is attentive, is a good listener, is sensitive, and quiet. Therefore the answer to the puzzle: “How to get a girls attention ” is to be a girl, or at least be able to think like one. If all else fails, just being there to give her a hug when she needs one, and she will think you are the best guy in the world.

If you want to look deeper into some of the ideas presented there is lots of other information that can found on the How To Get The Girls website. Happy dating!

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