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Mentalism is not some special gift that people are born with but rather it is an art that is perfected like any other skill. It is no different than painting, sculpting, or excelling in a particular sport. The first thing you need to do on how to learn mentalism will be to know exactly how it works. Mentalism is, in one way or the other, what some may call magic. It is more of some trickery if you actually get to understand it but people who don’t, perceive it as magic.

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Master Mentalism Course ― Includes Mesmerize Monthly, Magic Tricks, Card Tricks Exposed, David Blaine Exposed, Mentalism and Hypnosis Content

Master Mentalism

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Master Mentalism: Learn How To Become A Real Mentalist

Learn Mentalism

Mind reading has been around for thousands of years now, and is becoming even more popular these days due to the high popularity of celebrity mentalists and the ever popular TV shows such as “The Mentalist”. But have you ever wanted to learn the mentalism tricks for yourself? And use your new found supernatural mentalist powers to impress and wow your friends and family. As an aspiring Mentalist myself for years now, I’ve found a lot of useful and very helpful tactics and methods to reach my goal; Of becoming a true mentalist.

I’ve written this post in order to try and help people who want to start learning this amazing skill, and to dispose of the myth that mentalism can’t be learnt. AS that is simply not through, as no person is born with these seemly magical powers. There is a skill and method to mentalism which can be learnt quite easily, and with practise and patience you’ll soon be astonishing people with your newly acquired magical powers.

Here I’ll describe briefly some of the basic methods involved in mentalism tricks:

– Knowing the right questions to ask

There are sets of non-obvious questions which you can ask a person in order to figure out what it is that they are thinking about. You will not get the answer directly (as this would defeat the purpose of the trick), but what you will get is a good under standing of where that person is at. And combining this with some of the other methods you’ll be able to READ THEIR MINDS.

– Realizing the clues

As the old saying stands; Every mystery leaves a clue. This is so true in the world of a mentalist, and learning the key things to recognition is crucial. Everybody gives off clues whether or not they mean to, its human nature and 99.9% of people can’t control this, it just happens.

– Predictability

People are predictable, plain and simple. And after you have been honing your mentalism skills for a time, you’ll start to notice patterns developing. Similar reactions to certain situations, similar thought patterns when presented with a particular question or situation.

These are just three of the basic methods which real life mentalists use today, day in and day out. And there are plenty more: Misdirection, Concealment, Body language, Facial Expressions so many more…

The above methods however do require practice to master. And you’ll find that once you study the Master Mentalism course, you’ll be practicing them throughout your normal day without even knowing it.

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Closing Thoughts When I started out myself, I started with the more basic mentalist tricks, and have had and still do a lot of fun doing these mentalist tricks on my friends and family at different social gathering. Start off with the easier mentalist tricks and with practice, progress onto the more extreme and daring ones.
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